Monday, September 18, 2017

Best Free CRM of 2017

Our team prepared a detailed comparison of the top CRM software solutions available for free in 2017: It's a great resource for all of you who didn't pick a reliable CRM for your company yet as it may be a good way to save some cash on your SaaS.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Our Latest 2016 SaaS Market Industry Report Is Out!

Our team has just published our annual SaaS Industry Market Report for 2016 where we discuss the hottest trends in the current year as well as analyze the key forecasts for the upcoming years. You can read the whole report for free here:

Friday, February 27, 2015

5 Cheapest CRM Options That Deliver Premium Business Performance

These days, raising sales and increasing sales productivity are difficult. Make these tasks easier by getting a CRM solution. A good tool can make your sales 29% higher and sales productivity 34% better. Here are 5 affordable CRM solutions for your business even Warren Buffet would approve:

5 Learning Management Software Apps With Extensive Feature Sets

How do you boost business productivity? Consider using a learning management software (LMS) tool. An IBM report says an LMS tool can raise productivity up to 50%. Here are 5 LMS solutions with robust features for your business:

5 Collaboration Tools Suited For Small Businesses & Startups

Does your business suffer from workplace failures? Nine out of 10 business execs say they happen because there is little collaboration and ineffective communication, a 2014 study from showed. Make failures go away with this article:

Friday, November 14, 2014

10 most expensive big motorbikes in the world

High speed and wind in your hair makes a pretty attractive mix, don't you think? We all know that easy riders love to hit the open road on a big bike like a Harley Davidson. However, big bikes are pricey machines. Our article reveals the top 10 most expensive big motor bikes in the world.

Sport and love: 10 richest women married to professional sportsmen

Victoria and David Beckham or Pique and Shakira make really nice coupls, don't they? Top professional sportsmen very often have lots of female fans. Some of the fans are pretty rich and if these sportsmen get married to a rich woman, they almost always make a pretty popular celebrity couple. lists the top 10 richest women married to professional sportsmen.